To empower students to thrive by creating an inviting and inclusive environment that encourages personal wellness and meaningful connections to peers and role models in the community with an emphasis on preventing substance use through recognition, resistance and resilience.

All Club meetings will use Recognition, Resistance and Resilience to build on and emphasize the evening’s topic covered. 

Does your child enjoy connecting to peers and role models in the community? THRIVE might be right for them! THRIVE is a student-led, school-based club that promotes connection and wellness in youth with an emphasis on preventing drug and alcohol use/abuse.

THRIVE’s pilot program starts this Spring! The pilot program will be 6 weeks long and integrate speakers and community role models to interact with the students on subjects such as Prevention, Wellness, Personal Safety/Self Defense and more!

The club will help guide students to make meaningful connections with peers and community role models, empower them to make choices that promote wellness, guide them down a path of alcohol and drug use/abuse prevention and help them to become leaders and role models in their school and community! THRIVE will conveniently roll right into Prevention Week (May 7th-13th) at the end of the club meetings!

All club nights will be after school and include fun activities, food and treats and offer some amazing connections to role models in the community!

Enumclaw High School Starts March 8th
Thunder Mountain Middle School starts March 29th-May 10th
Enumclaw Middle School starts March 30th–May 11th

THRIVE is co-founded by Plateau Kids Network and Enumclaw Youth Empowered