The Defense Decision

A Youth Personal Safety/Situational Awareness Course
Thursday, March 10th 5-8pm
Enumclaw Senior Center
1350 Cole Street Enumclaw, WA 98022

  • A class for teens ages 15-18 years old-or with prior permission from course instructor.
  • Offered to teens that go to school in the Enumclaw School District or live within its boundaries.
  • Registration is free. We ask for a suggested donation if you are able.
  • Class size is limited to 12 students.
  • Students do not need any prior experience or skills to take this class.
  • Students should wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.
  • Students will need to have a release waiver signed prior to the class. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign.

Instructors are local first responders and have years of training and experience in situational awareness, assertiveness and self defense tactics. This class is a basic instructional course emphasizing the 5 A’s-Awareness, Assertiveness, Avoidance, Action and Attack.
The course will help teach and hone psychological awareness and verbal self defense to help prevent an attack and demonstrate techniques to counter a physical assault. The course will also cover info and techniques to use in an active shooter situation.
Instructors will demonstrate basic self defense techniques. The class will offer a toolbox of strategies for avoiding and interrupting violence and empower students to choose options from that toolbox that are appropriate for unique and different situations.

*There is not a practical student portion during this course. Students will be sent home with supportive reading and local resources to continue their self defense education/training.

Awareness and risk reduction account for 90% of personal self defense.

Statistics are staggering in support of personal self defense training.
The chart below shows the percentage of female college students from two groups—those who completed a thirty-hour self-defense class (blue) and those who did not (red)—reporting different types of unwanted sexual contact over a one-year period. A significantly lower percentage of those who received self-defense training reported incidents of any kind. None of the women who took the training reported a rape (versus 3 percent from the other group). Study conducted by University of Oregon sociologist, Jocelyn Hollander.

Oregon State University Study

Suggested donation $50.

This course is free to all students. Our vision is to be able to inclusively offer all of our activities, events and classes to our local youth, regardless of ability to pay. We do accept and greatly appreciate donations to help cover the costs of our activities, events and classes. All donations are tax deductible, remain local and support youth through Plateau Kids Network. ~Thank you.

Plateau Kids Network, its affiliates, instructors and volunteers offer basic personal safety information and techniques in this course and are not to be held responsible, or liable, for any damages, injuries, or death due to the use of the information provided in this course. Plateau Kids Network can not guarantee, or be held liable, for the safe outcome of any situation in which a student utilizes the techniques taught in this course. Each student/person assumes full responsibility for their own personal safety.